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Autism Camps at Achievement Balance

Autism Camps at Achievement Balance
August 9, 2018 Barbara Cravey
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As summer comes to a close, the season for camps closes along with it in most places, but that’s not the case at Achievement Balance. We have Autism camps all year long, because your child doesn’t stop needing encouragement and benefiting from Incidental Teaching just because the days are getting shorter.

Achievement Balance has four convenient locations (with a fifth opening soon) to be close to where you are, for what you need, when you need it. This is why we have our day Autism camps to best match you and your child’s needs.

If your child or children are ready for the next step in their transition, then an Autism camp might be the right direction. Our camps are held daily from 8:00am to 5:30pm to make sure your child is learning, thriving and being cared for while you’re at home or work.

Why an Autism Camp Through Achievement Balance?

We offer Autism camps for Pre-K and school-aged children at our multiple locations and we can help you find what works best for you – and where!

Our Autism camps are community based and provide campers with generalized learning skills. This means they can be transferred to daily needs, situations and environments like in the classroom or while playing or speaking at home.

We always work at incorporating play and a natural environment teaching style into our activities to ensure that our campers have fun and enjoy camp, instead of viewing it as work or school, which can raise stress levels and decrease desired learning.

An Autism Camp with Activities for Everyone

Achievement Balance’ Autism camps cover a wide variety of topics and activities, meaning we have something for every camper and can help your child find their interests and skills in an encouraging, understanding and natural play setting.

Do you have a certain activity you would like your little camper to progress in? See our list below of some of the topics we offer at an Autism camp through one of our Achievement Balance locations.



Sensory Tools


Social Skills

Pragmatic Thinking

Flexible Thinking

Frustration Tolerance

Appropriate Social Situations

Speaking & Conversational Skills

And So Many More!


Our Autism camps are structured with activities throughout the day that imitate both low-pressure classroom settings and community settings. In addition, our Autism camp follows breakfast, lunch, walks and rest routines as well as motor activity times to keep them engaged while learning and finding the patterns, routines and comfort they can learn in best.


Want More Information About an Autism Camp through Achievement Balance? We Can Help.

For more detailed information about our Autism camps, locations or Achievement Balance locations, ages served and pricing, call us today. We can work with insurance companies as well as schedules to find the best fit for you and your camper in order to help them in the next step of their transition.

Our mission is “Empowering Families and Children to Move Mountains” and we mean it! We love working with all of our children at our Autism camps and are passionate about seeing each child grow at their own pace through the topics and activities in our curriculums.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Someone from Achievement Balance will be in touch just as soon as possible to answer your questions, fill in the gaps and explain more of our process so you can feel comfortable knowing your child is safe, cared for and loved when they are at ABC.


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