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Autism Therapy at Achievement Balance

Finding ABA Autism Therapy coupled with other life skills for your child or teen can be challenging. The right fit is critical for your peace of mind and for the progress you want for you child.

At Achievement Balance, we promote dignity, self-respect, and independence for every child. These basic tenets are achieved through carefully planned and balanced interactions.  The consistent and compassionate interaction between our professional staff, the child, and the family opens the door to awareness which provides the foundation for understanding and learning.

Achievement Balance works hand in hand with the families so that the child is provided consistent messaging between school therapy and home. We aim to provide a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere where the child learns to interact with family members, the environment, and the community.

ABA, CBT, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and day camp services for Autism are some of the ways Achievement Balance is able to offer assistance to families who long for stability in their households.

Therapy that Empowers Families and Children to Move Mountains!


We developed a proven formula that is goal oriented, based upon incremental achievement targets. We know successful results are achieved through hard work no matter how small the task.  We celebrate achievement, each tiny step along the way, because it is the foundation that develops confidence, self-respect and self esteem


We promote the concept that each day is a balance of judging, deciding and regulating actions and thoughts.  Balance creates emotional stability and produces an even distribution of aesthetically pleasing elements.  This is especially important for mental and emotional steadiness where opposing forces are equal to one another


We gradually integrate the child into a community because this is the ultimate goal for success; the child needs to feel comfortable within the community and the community needs to feel comfortable with the child.  The child will learn and understand subtle social interactions and the positive benefits of brotherhood, camaraderie and fellowship.

We gradually show the child how to assimilate into a group of people with a common interest living in one place. And it all begins with the community within the Achievement Balance.

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Autism Pediatric Therapy Services

Our unique therapy promotes dignity and self-worth for the individual and it provides the ability to live a superior quality of life.  We show the child and the family how to achieve the highest level of independence as an individual and within group environments. To that end, we encourage our families to participate in the day to day planning and decision-making process.  In addition, we provide families external support and access to resources through the community.

Our Achievement Balance therapy focuses on self-determination activities, socialization, and daily living functions. Achievement Balance incorporates many typical therapy processes however we are unique in how we apply these processes.  We are slow, steady and compassionate and within each facility we create an environment the child can interpret as their own community.

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ABA Therapy

ABA therapy, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is used to change behaviors with positive reinforcement. Over time, ABA has become the leading therapy for autism with the goal of minimizing self-harm behaviors and growing self-help skills such as personal care. ABA therapy is a crucial aspect of autism pediatric therapy that fosters basic skills such as listening, looking, imitating skills, reading, and toileting. ABA pediatrics is recommended by the Attorney General and other medical organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), American Academy of Neurology and the Autism Society of America.

Physical Therapy for Children

Achievement Balance helps children work with their physical abilities to get the most out of their limitations. We work one-on-one with every child who requires physical therapy. The focus is gaining strength, mobility, gross and fine motor development, and posture. Treatment for children in pain or those suffering from an injury is also available.

Speech Therapy for Children

Establishing speech skills are vital for communication. First, Achievement Balance evaluates patients to decide on what level of speech therapy is needed. Then, we shift the focus toward skills such as problem-solving, sign language, social skills and augmentative communication (such as PECs and computerized communication devices). Our therapists are also able to work on feeding skills and oral motor development.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a powerful approach to autism therapy. CBT helps children regulate emotions, impulses, and anxieties. As a result, behavior drastically improves. Since anxiety, depression, and autism often present together, CBT helps reduce the common symptoms: meltdowns, outbursts, obsessions, and distractions. CBT also helps children regulate their emotions. Achievement Balance strives to create stability in the lives of our patients. CBT is just one way we do that.

Working in the Community

At Achievement Balance, we value family and community inclusion. We develop relationships with local schools, community organizations, medical professionals, hospitals, and psychologists. Navigating the world of autism services can be difficult. We help families by providing guidance, resources, support, and advocacy when needed. As your therapy team, we help you plan for your child’s future. Like our mission says, our goal is “To encourage, nurture and grow the potential within autistic children – one child, one family and one community at a time.”